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Floor levelling for marine environments
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Combimix has developed a range of floor levelling products for offshore use. Our aim is to help build lighter ships.


Our lightweight self-levelling products are strong and flow extremely well and can be applied in thinner layers.


We use recycled glass instead of natural sand in our most lightweight products. We save weight and reduce the environmental impact at the same time.

Fully certified

Our offshore products are thoroughly tested and meet the US Coast Guard approval and are Wheelmark certified.

Lightweight, cost and time effective

Low material consumption

Our range of floor mortars include a lightweight product for screeding and slope building, CM 8650 and a lightweight pumpable, self-levelling compound, CM 420.

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Our strong and lightweight products flow extremely well and can be applied in thinner layers. Altoghether reducing the total weight by approximately 70% compared to similar products. This combination of low weight, high flow rate and fast drying time makes the working process more time- and cost efficient.

CM 420 Offshore

Pumpable self-levelling compound

CM 8650 Light

Fast-drying, lightweight mortar

CM 860 Coarse

Fast-drying mortar

PP 600 Primer


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  • The company

    Combimix is a Swedish company that develops and manufactures mineral based construction products. Combimix is one of the leading producers in Scandinavia of Calcium Aluminate-based self-levelling underlayments.

  • Our team

    We have since our inception 2001 recruited people with wide and indepth experience. The combination of experience and a pioneering spirit characterizes the company in everything from product development, environmental concern and customer service.

  • Quality and reliability

    At Combimix we strive to achieve the highest possible standards of quality and be a reliable and long-term partner. All manufacturing at Combimix meet the ISO9001 quality standard and ISO14001 environmental standard.

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